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Whole House Extract Units Auto-Adjustable Ventilation Groups VENTURIA-E 3V Series



Auto-adjustable whole house extract group that ensures permanent renovation of air in single-dwellings. Conceived to run continuously, it guarantees the requiremenets stablished in the Technical Building Code. Equipped with centrifugal fan and 3-speed 230V-50Hz motor to adjust it to the needs of each project.
The system should include airflow regulators or suitable auto-adjustable valves in the wet areas of the house (bathrooms and kitchen) and ECA air vents in the dry areas (living room, bedrooms), via which outside air will be introduced.

• 4 inlet valves of Ø80 mm for toilets and bathrooms, removable by means of a quarter turn and fitted with two ring clamps allowing a quick and watertight installation of the ducts without tools and clamps.
• Exhaust automatically regulated valves for kitchen of Ø125 mm.
• Discharge port of Ø125/160 mm allowing to expel the exhaust air tothe outside.
• Terminal box fitted.
• Four plastic covers to block the exhaust valves that are not operating.
• Sleeve equipped with hooks that make easier the fastening of the extract duct.


  • VENTURIA-Ebdp506
  • VENTURIA-Ebdp487

    Easy maintenance
    3 opening and closing flanges allowing the dismantling of the assembly motor-extractor without the need of disconnecting the ducts and the exhaust valves.

  • VENTURIA-Ebdp481
  • VENTURIA-Ebdp531

    Remote location
    Three ant vibration hanging cords enabling to hang the unit in the attic of a house or in false ceilings reducing the radiated noise.

  • VENTURIA-Ebdp501
  • VENTURIA-Ebdp496

    Continuous fresh air
    The Venturia-E extract system is conceived to run continuously, ensuring the permanent air renewal in residential houses.


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