Single inlet centrifugal fans, pulley or belt-drive. Manufactured from steel sheet protected with cataforesis primer + epoxy paint finish. Designed to continuously circulate air from -20ºC up to 60ºC.

Assembly systems
• ARRANGEMENT 1: Free shaft, for pulley or belt-drive.
• ARRANGEMENT 9: Includes motor, pulleys, belts and belt guard. Motor fitted on the side of the bearing mounting bracket.
• ARRANGEMENT 12: Includes motor, pulleys, belts and belt guard. Motor fitted on the base frame.

2, 4 or 6 pole, IE 3* high efficiency (the rpm of each motor will be adapted according to the calculation for each drive), three-phase 230/400V 50Hz up to motor size 132 and 400/690V 50Hz for higher motors. IP55, Class F protection.
* From 0,75kW, motor can be IE 2 and controlled by VSD.

On request
• Manufactured from different materials.
• 2-speed motors.
• 60 Hz versions.
• Painted in different RAL colour.
• High-temperature versions (up to 300ºC) (B versions: with cooling impeller).
• Inspection door, draining, weather seal on scroll and shaft access.
• Welded casing.
• Thermal insulation lagging.


ATEX versions
On request, explosion proof versions in accordance with ATEX directive for three phase models:
Ambient temperature -20°C to +60°C,ambient pressure (abs.) 0,8 bar to 1,1 bar according to EN 14986.

• Gas:
2G IIB T2-T3-T4, Motor Exd IIB or ExeII
2G IIB+H2 T2-T3-T4, Motor ExdIIc 3G IIB T2-T3-T4, Motor ExnA (only for 3G zone)
3G IIB+H2 T2-T3-T4, Motor ExnA (only for 3G zone)

• Non-conductive dust:
2D IIIB T125°C-T135°C-T195°C-T295°C
3D IIIB T125°C-T135°C-T195°C-T295°C

• Conductive dust (compulsory IP 65motor):
2D IIIC T125°C-T135°C-T195°C-T295°C
3D IIIC T125°C-T135°C-T195°C-T295°C


  • 61-ART-N-TRbdp506

    Backward curved impeller


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