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Belt driven cabinet fans CVST Series



Range of forward curved belt drive cabinet fans designed for smoke extraction in fire conditions and certified F400-120 (CE marked). The casings are manufactured from galvanised sheet steel. Internally lined with 7 mm thickness of melamine thermo- acoustic insulation. All models incorporate a single inlet low pressure centrifugal fan mounted on anti-vibration mounts and flexible coupling at the discharge. Supplied as standard in horizontal discharge (code H) configuration with motor, pulley and belt assembly on the left hand side of the unit when viewed from the discharge outlet (code CW).

All motors are IP55, class F insulation.
Electrical supply:
Three phase 220-240/380-415-50/60*Hz, up to 3 kW.
(*Check EasyVent for 60Hz available models)
Three phase 380-415V-50Hz, for higher motor powers and two speed motors.
(See characteristics chart).
All motor above 3 kW are mounted onto an adjoining support frame.
All three phase motors are speed controllable by frequency inverter.

Other versions on request
The belt-driven assembly can be supplied at the right hand side of the unit (code CCW).
Vertical discharge (code V) configuration.
Two speed motors (4/8 and 4/6 poles).
Single phase motor (CVSB) up to 2,2 kW.


  • CVSTbdp506

    Vertical discharge models
    Vertical discharge models available under request.

  • CVSTbdp487

    Low noise level
    Acoustic insulation of 7 mm thickness flame retardant (M1) melamine foam reducing the noise level significantly.

  • CVSTbdp481

    Flexible coupling at the discharge
    To reduce vibration and noise transmissions to the installation.

  • CVSTbdp531

    Quality finishing, with aluminium corners providing a high robustness.

  • CVSTbdp501

    Anti-vibration mounts
    The fan is mounted on base frame with silent-blocks to reduce vibration and noise transmissions to the installation.


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