Centrifugal sidewall fans SWF Series


In-Line duct fans SWF Range of direct drive centrifugal fans, manufactured from high grade pressed galvanized steel protected against corrosion by polyester paint finish. All the fans are provided with a removable top for easy access to motor for cleaning or inspection, a large grille opening, a back-draft damper, a pre-wired terminal box and a backward curved centrifugal impeller. All the motors are single-phase 230V-50Hz, IP44, Class B (models 100,100X and 150) or Class F (models 150X and 200), with ball bearings greased for life, and safety thermal overload protection of manual reset type of 130ºC. The SWF series is ideally suited for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial exhaust ventilation applications.


  • SWFbdp506

    Backward curved centrifugal impellers
    To prevent accumulation of dirtiness. Dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 standard.

  • SWFbdp487

    Outdoor location
    Outdoors installed Specially designed to be installed outdoors.

  • SWFbdp481

    Removable cover
    Easy access for cleaning or to check the impeller and motor.

  • SWFbdp531

    Back draft shutter
    To prevent air entry and limit heat leakage when the extractor is not operating.
    It opens due to the ressure of the air.

  • SWFbdp501

    Discharge protection
    Bird proof guard.


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