Circular duct fans VENT ECOWATT Series


In-line centrifugal duct fans suitable for wide range of general residential, commercial and industrial exhaust or supply ventilation applications.

Circular in-line duct fans from 100 to 400 mm diameter.
Models are suitable for mounting in any orientation and operation within ambient air temperatures between -20ºC up to +40ºC. Comprehensive range of accessories to ease the installation and control the fan performances.

Fan casing manufactured from high-grade corrosion-resistant pressed galvanized steel, with black polyester paint coating. Fully airtight sealed assembly.
Direct drive centrifugal impeller. Brushless EC motor, with thermal overload protection, suitable for single phase supply 230V +/- 15%/50-60Hz.
Fan speed adjustable with the potentiometer placed in the connection box or with an external control type REB-ECOWATT.
Analogue input with terminals in the terminal box to control the fan with 0-10V input signal.


  • VENT-ECOWATTbdp506

    Mounting foot
    Supplied with unit as standard (Models 100 to 315).

  • VENT-ECOWATTbdp487

    Models 355 and 400


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