Intelligent elements for demand controlled ventilation VRPZ


Electronic control with display for single phase 230V-50/60Hz fans.
Analogical input 0-10V or 4-20mA: The fan works proportionally to the input value with adjustments of the minimum and maximum values of the inputs and outputs.
“ON/OFF”: when the potential free contact (f.e. clock) close, the fan putting into operation according to the voltage of the analogical input. This connection associated to a PIR detector allows to have a ventilation system type minimum-maximum.
Input « maximum speed »: given an external signal, the fan works at a maximum adjusted speed.
Outputs: Magneto-termic dry contact.
Illumination 230V 50Hz (max. 8A).
Electrical supply master/slave 24Vdc (max. 100mA).


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