Low-profile air handling units UTBS Series


The UTBS are low profile air handlers designed specifically for installation in false ceiling. The range includes 4 different sizes for airflows between 500 and 8000 m3/h:

  • UTBS-2: airflow from 500 to 1700 m3/h and 360 mm height.
  • UTBS-3: airflow from 1200 to 3000 m3/h and 410 mm height.
  • UTBS-5: airflow from 2400 to 5000 m3/h and 410mm height.
  • UTBS-8: airflow from 4000 to 8000 m3/h and 500 mm height.

The framework is made of extruded aluminium profiles and reinforced nylon corner joints.
Double skin sandwich panels with 25 mm mineral wool insulation (good thermal and acoustic performance).
Plastic coated outer panel and galvanised steel inner panel.
High performance backward curved centrifugal, direct driven fans (plug fans) dynamically balanced.
High efficiency three phase motors with protection IP54 and insulation class F. Motors are designed to work with a frequency drive.
Motors equipped with thermal protection (PTO).

Components / Moduls:
– Chilled water coils with stainless steel drip tray and droplet eliminator.
– Heat exchanger.
– By-pass for free-cooling.
– Sound attenuators.
– Mixing box.
– Filter box.
– Plenum box.


  • UTBSbdp506

    Product selection software
    S&P air handling units selection software available.

  • UTBSbdp487

    Easy access
    Easy access to filters and fans from the side.

  • UTBSbdp481

    Robust construction
    High quality finishing with aluminium profile structure, providing a robust and tight assembly.

  • UTBSbdp531

    Easy access to filters
    Easy-to-assemble filter mounting system.

  • UTBSbdp501

    Side junction box
    For ease of access during installation.

  • UTBSbdp496

    Pressure tappings
    Pressure tappings in the filters and the fans.

  • UTBSbdp549

    Cable glands
    Glands for the motor wiring cable.


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